Love Bonnier – Founder and CEO

Love Bonnier is the founder and CEO of 500. He specializes in communication development, marketing strategy, and public awareness. While running 500, Love has worked with major brands such as ICA and Easy Park as well as the composer Jacob Mühlrad. He has also managed major business crises and contributed to advocacy campaigns for companies and organizations undergoing drastic transformations. Love earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Uppsala University and previously worked as a consultant at JKL. In addition to running 500, Love serves as a board member for the Family Business Network and for the Bonnier Family Council.

Karin Londré – Partner

Karin Londré was one of 500’s first employees and has been central to the agency’s growth and development. She was previously a journalist at Sveriges Radio, Nöjesguiden, Göteborgs-Posten, and Djungeltrumman and she has also worked as a writer, producer, and editor-in-chief. Karin brings a deep understanding of the Swedish media landscape and has applied her expertise to strategic advising, content production, and project management at 500. Additionally, Karin hosts the popular podcast “Mord mot Mord” together with Anna Sandell, which has more than 20,000 listeners a week.

Casper Törnblom – Partner

Casper Törnblom specializes in strategic and creative consulting and content production, and is also responsible for recruitment at 500. He has worked with companies on both marketing and public awareness campaigns, and has developed a large network in politics, business, and the non-profit sectors. Prior to joining 500, Casper worked in marketing at Foodora, and he holds a bachelor’s in Political Science from Lund University. During his studies, he chaired Studentafton, Scandinavia’s most prestigious university speech and debate forum, and conducted field work in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Sanna Verner-Carlsson – Project Manager

Sanna Verner-Carlsson has extensive experience in concept development and project management from her time at Swedish Research and Nöjesguiden. She enjoys leading complex projects with a number of stakeholders as well as working with clients from different industries on strategic and creative goals. Sanna previously worked with high profile brands such as Spendrups, Luger, Max, and TCO.

Hjalmar Wiklander – Creative

Hjalmar Wiklander works as a creative at 500. He is responsible for creative concept development, graphic content production, copywriting, and managing creative production processes. Hjalmar has previously worked for Oscar Properties, where he handled concept development and design, as well for the advertising firm ACNE. He is a graduate of the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island.

Saron Tesfai – Junior Consultant

Saron Tesfai is a junior consultant at 500 and focuses primarily on research, media relations, idea development, and content production. Prior to working with 500, she has gained a range of experience from her assignments with Jung Relations to volunteering at the non-profit organization The Hunger Project. Saron holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University and a diploma in PR strategy from Berghs School of Communication.

Senior Advisor

Magdalena Westergren – Senior Advisor

Magdalena Westergren is a senior advisor at 500 and the founder of Seth & Partner, a management consulting firm. She previously worked as an engagement manager for McKinsey and was a project manager for Sweden’s Social Democrats election management in 2014. Magdalena has worked internationally on assignments in London, Sydney, and San Francisco and has led major projects for Swedish industrial companies and government authorities. She holds a master’s degree in Industrial Economics with specializations in finance and mathematics from Lund University.